Vicky Devika

I am a former fetish model who likes to tweet about consciousness, goddess energy, non-duality and AI/AGI/ASI... amongst other topics...

Towards a Benevolent Singularity

As an independent consciousness researcher, my mission is to have a net positive impact in people's lives, both at the collective & individual levels.I believe in the concept of a benevolent singularity as championed by Ben Goertzel.I also believe that this process, the singularity, is already well underway and has been for several years already.

Consciousness Research

As a citizen scientist participating in data collection for the Global Consciousness Project I am excited to spread awareness and help popularize the latest breakthroughs in consciousness research.I like to play holistically at the intersections of philosophy, spirituality, psychology, data science, and neuroscience.I am particularly interested in the phenomena of limbic resonance, heart coherence and nervous system regulation. I believe these physical states can be harnessed
to help solve the AI alignment question.

Other areas of interest & fluency

  • Occultism

  • Sacred Kink / BDSM

  • Tantra / Sacred Sex

  • Healing Arts

  • IFS / NLP / EFT

  • Sound Healing

  • Meditation/Jhanamaxing

  • Psychedelics

  • Qualia

100% committed to a "no-grift" & personal integrity policy

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